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Deeper - Bible engagement 

We host occasional Deeper evenings for those who want to go deeper in their engagement with the Bible.
Always thought-provoking, occasionally controversial, never dogmatic or simplistic.

What's the point?
The Bible is by far the most published and yet least read – and even less understood - book of all time. Many people, Christian and not, find strength, wisdom and inspiration from its content. But what does it say? How do you understand or it? These were questions Jesus asked an expert in the Scriptures.

The Bible is more than a book. It’s a collection of 66 smaller books that, since the invention of the printing press, we’ve come to expect bound in one single volume. These 66 books were written over a period of 1500 years by 40+ writers (mostly unknown to each other), drawn from three different continents, numerous cultures and languages, and written in a range of literary genres (historical accounts, legal statements, poetry and song lyrics, prophecies..) to address a diverse range of local and historic issues of their day.
But, again, the Bible is more than a book. It is the Spirit-inspired, unfolding story of God and his people. Carrying the message of God for us today, it is to be read and re-read, meditated on, spoken out in praise, studied and, yes, even wrestled with. We are encouraged, inspired and challenged by it.

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