Baby dedicationDedicate your child

The gift of a child is a major event and always something to celebrate. We instinctively want to say thank you.


What is an infant dedication?

An infant dedication is the Baptist-equivalent of a Christening/ infant baptism. It’s when parent(s)/carer(s) give thanks to God for the gift of their child, seek God's blessing on their chid as they grow up, and ask for God's guidance and grace in being even better parents/carers.

Baptists only baptise those who have made a personal and informed decision to be baptised as followers of Christ. Babies/ toddlers are not able to make that choice for themselves - so we wait. Of course, we hope and pray, when they are older, they will want to be baptised. But, in the meantime, we respect that must be their decision, no-one else's.

So the focus on infant dedication is on the parent(s)/ carer(s) as they dedicate themselves and their child to God.

Infant dedications are are always full of joy. It’s a great excuse for a celebration meal/ party afterwards with friends and family!

When are infant dedications held?

Infant dedications are included as part of our 10.30 am morning services, often on the 1st Sunday of the month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be members or regular church attenders to have your child dedicated at Chester Road Baptist Church?
No! That said, your special day will go even better if you have been to our regular Sunday services. Come and see for yourself. 

Can we have Godparents? 
Yes! You’ll probably want to ask 1-3 people to act as sponsors/ ‘God Parents’. Their role is to encourage and support you and your child, helping him/her to grow in maturity and faith in Christ.
Can we hire Chester Road Baptist Church for a reception afterwards?
Yes! We have a range of rooms/ halls that can also be hired for your reception. Come and see for yourself (NB we are alcohol-free.)

What else do you do for children and families?
See what else we do for children and families.