Untitled design 3Our Values 

[Values remind us how we will be and go about our mission.]

1. Intimate

  • We develop intimacy with God through engagement with the Bible, worship, prayer, and right living.
  • We respect that people respond to God at different times and in different ways.
  • It is intimacy with God that shapes the rest of our values.

2. Inclusive

  • We strive to be as welcoming, generous and life-changing as Jesus Christ.
  • Because God is Love, we welcome all those we meet, whatever their story, beliefs or lifestyle (without undermining safeguarding responsibilities).
  • We champion all regardless of gender, ethnicity, ability, religion, or sexual orientation.

3. Involved

  • Inspired by Jesus Christ, we strive to meet peoples’ physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs.
  • We enable people to use their God-given gifts and talents to serve in and beyond the church.
  • Our involvement is demonstrated through regular participation in worship, small groups, prayer, serving (volunteering), telling others, giving, and church membership.

4. Intergenerational

  • We seek to be a growing community of people drawn from all ages and stages of life: early years (babies/toddlers); children; young people; young adults; mid-life adults; retired, fit and actives; seniors.
  • We recognise that each stage of life has different needs and perspectives on what it means to live Christian faith, and so can benefit from age-specific ministry.
  • We discover a bigger, deeper, more vivid understanding of God when the generations come together to learn from each other in age-inclusive ministry.

5. Interdependent

  • We rejoice that relationships are at the heart of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and seek to live openly and honestly with one another.
  • We are just one of many vibrant churches in the north Birmingham/ Sutton Coldfield area and celebrate being part of the 'body of Christ', uniting us with churches near and far.
  • We work in partnership with others, both Christian and statutory/voluntary agencies, to bring about social and spiritual transformation in Sutton Coldfield, north Birmingham, and beyond.

6. Impact

  • Jesus made a big impact on people, spiritually, emotionally and physically. People from all walks of life experienced real change in their circumstances.
  • Today, we continue to pray for the Holy Spirit’s supernatural intervention, encourage each other to grow in our journey towards Christ, and strive to make a positive impact in Sutton Coldfield, north Birmingham, and beyond.
  • Being good stewards of God’s earth and resources, we prioritise what makes most impact, whilst minimising our footprint.