The Bible says, ’change your thinking (repent) and be baptised’ [Acts 2:38].

Baptism is about ‘going public’ with your faith. It’s the next step in becoming a disciple of Christ. 

Be baptised as a believer because you:

  • follow the example set by Jesus;
  • identify with Jesu through his death, burial and resurrection;
  • obey the Bible's teaching.

When someone who had always felt on the outside heard about the radical good news of Jesus, on seeing some open water, said:

"Here is water! Why shouldn't I be baptised?" [Acts 8:3]

It's a great question!  

If you haven’t yet been baptised as a believer and think God may be nudging you, talk to us!


I was Baptised or Christened as a baby. Does that count?
If baptism is about belief in Christ, we think only you can decide if Baptism is right for you. Like other church traditions, we celebrate the gift of new life. We thank God and 'dedicate' babies but hold off baptism until such time as the person grows to an age they can make their own choice to be baptised. 

I went through Confirmation in another church tradition'. Does that count?
You decide! We recognise some from other churches may have ‘gone public’ with their faith when they were Confirmed.

Is there an age limit?
No. It's believers baptism, not adult baptism. It's for those who have chosen to follow Christ.

Do I have to be be baptised to become a Church Member?
No. Our church membership is open to all who seek to follow Christ.

Do I have to wear special clothes!
No! Just wear what's comfortable and not too see through when wet!

Can I invite people to watch my baptism?
Yes! It's a great opportunity to invite family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues to share in your story.

What if I'm physically or medically not capable of entering the baptism pool?
What matters most is your heart. If you can't come to water, we can bring water to you, in a church service or, if necessary, at your home, in hospital /hospice.