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Many of us live online, forever checking our social media, updating our status. When something momentous happens, we automatically reach for our phones and +YourStory to tell our followers what's new for us. In this post-Easter series, see how those who met Risen Jesus updated their +YourStory.


Danny Brierley
Meet Peter, broken and full of regret. He'd let Jesus down - and not once, numerous times! What Jesus then asked him, caught Peter off-guard. Jesus asks us the same question today [John 21:15-25]
Danny Brierley
Imagine wanting something that you know could never happen, praying for it, and then feeling spooked when it actually happens. That's what happened to John and his fishing crew [John 21:1-14]. After Jesus's death, they hid. Then, after risen Jesus appeared to them, they tried to go back to their old life elsewhere. Again Jesus came to them, this time cooking them breakfast.
Danny Brierley
The disciples were scared, confused and in hiding. Then Risen Jesus appeared and showed them his scars. God has scars!
Danny Brierley
Some nicknames are so unfair. Tom is world-famous for being Doubting Thomas. Yet he was the first person to recognise Jesus as God. Questioning is good, not bad; it often leads to deeper, richer faith.