Student finds God

Sharne Reed - croppedMy church life started at a young age. I’d often attend a Pentecostal church with my Nan. Maybe to be expected at that age, my focus was more on which sweets I’d  be getting after the service than on the service itself.

It wasn’t until 2010, when my Mom and I started attending Chester Road Baptist, did I start to see church as more than just an easy way to get sweets.

Being part of Brigades has played a massive part in my journey with Christ. Within brigades I was surrounded by role models who have helped shape the Christian I am today.

I’m currently a student at University of Leicester. Prior to leaving home and becoming more independent, I wanted to take another step in my faith and so I was baptised. With the help of many in the church, I decided I was at a time in my life where I needed Jesus’ protection and love the most and felt baptism was the best way to show my commitment and trust in Him.

Since starting university my faith has continued to grow and I continue to see the wonders of a loving God.