Church is not closed 2Church just got more real 

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting us all in ways we could never have imagined.

Our church building is closed and all our on-site activities, clubs, and services suspended until further notice. No-one knows how long this will last for.

However, this does NOT mean the #GrowingCommunity that is Chester Road Baptist Church has stopped. We haven’t!  We always knew Church is not a building, it’s the people. Now, because of Covid-19, we get to prove this!

Whilst we no longer attend church, we are discovering new and surprising ways to BE and DO church together #GrowingCommunity!

We're having to re-design almost every aspect of church life: fellowship, worship, mission, discipleship, pastoral, next generation, enabling

It's both daunting and exciting!

We're being challenged to go deeper in our relationships with each other and God. We're discovering we can live with out some of the things we previously thought essential, and now appreciating some of the things we previously shied away from.
We're a work in progress. Aren't we all?

During this Covid-19 lock-down, join with us in #GrowingCommunity, where Sutton Coldfield and north Birmingham meet.

Navigate these pages for resources, ideas and ways to connect with one another. 

Our circumstances may have changed, but God remains the same, yesterday, today, and FOREVER! Let’s journey with one another.

May you experience Shalom, God’s deepest, richest, most surprising peace!

A picture of Danny Brierley - Minister  Liz (2)  Caris Egner - cropped