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Sunday 19th May @ 10.30 am  

Many of us live online, forever checking our social media, updating our status. When something momentous happens, we automatically reach for our phones and +YourStory to tell our followers what's new for us. During May we're following some of those that met resurrected Jesus to see how it changed their story.

This Sunday we meet John and his fishing crew. Confused and afraid and fearing for the future, they've gone back to their old job. But Jesus hasn't finished with them. They had seen Jesus put to death. Now they were eating breakfast with him. How could life ever be the same again? [John 21:1-14]. Danny Brierley demonstrates how that can be our experience too. Join us this Sunday at 10.30 am. This service will include communion.

Sunday 19th May @ 6.30 pm  

At our 6.30 pm more traditional service the current series delves into the Psalms.

News bulletins are full of wars, strife, and power struggles, with many political and military leaders striving to seize control. This Sunday at 6.30 pm Danny Psalm 2 reminds us who has the ultimate power and authority.

Psalms Series